Fish Care

I strongly believe and enforce CARP CARE “Fish Care”. I cannot emphasis enough the importance of this, as the human population grows there is increased line pressure on our dams.
Fishing in South Africa is one of the largest hobbies/Sports. In turn we also have many people without the knowledge of the damage that can be caused by using the incorrect equipment, leading to the permanent damage or death of a Fish. It takes a Carp around one year to grow 1kg to 1,5kg. This all depends on the quality of the water and conditions of the dam in which it swims. If the water is polluted there is stumped growth in all the fish living with in it. As we are well aware Pollution can also wipe out the fish species with in a dam.
Catch and release is vital to the ecosystem of the dam. If one species is targeted and taken out of the ecosystem it could mean the demise of the dam. With that said the introduction of a species that should not be there could have the same effect.

It is vital to understand that you are not the only fishermen, but you can stand out from the crowed and be a GREAT FISHERMEN. A great fisherman understands Carp Care “fish Care” as a whole. He knows what the correct equipment is to be used. He makes a point of keeping the area where he or she is fishing clean when leaving. This means that if you have stripped of line it is placed in a dustbin or burnt. Not just left on the ground or discarded into the water. This Line could become tangled around the wild life – Birds etc. The Bird life around a dam is just as vital to the health of the water and plays a massive part in the ecosystem. A great fisherman will know that if you observe the bird life you can target fish. As often the fish swim under the ducks, as the ducks feed in the water particles will sink down where the fish are waiting for a meal. Birds also eat seeds but their digestive systems do not always completely digest these seeds. As they swim and poop this now floats down to the fish who in turn will pick up those seeds.

A great fisherman will also know when the lines on his reels need to be changed. We cannot fish with brittle line, as this means that having a fish on the line and having a line fail, now leaves the fish swimming around with a trace in its mouth and line trailing behind it. The fish can become entangled in this line; restricting its movement or worse the line can become tangled around a structure under water. In the end the fish will die, the line is a hazard to other fishermen, Birds and fish alike. A great fisherman will go to great lengths to ensure that he does everything in his power to either, RETRIEVE THE BROKEN LINE or go into the dam and untangle his line, ensuring that as little to none of his line is left behind. Sometimes this task is impossible and regrettably so. But if we were all GREAT FISHERMEN we would be doing our part to ensure the SPORT lives on for many years to come.

The importance of using the correct RIGS plays a huge part in Carp Care “Fish Care”. Understanding this alone is already a massive step in the right direction. For many years it has become the rule to have a rig with 2 hooks on it. What if i told you that using one hook will give you the same results with less line fail or snags? You would question me and think I’m crazy right? The reason for this is due to every fishermen being brain washed into believing that 2 hooks is the standard. Yes it is the standard and is LAW. All fishing clubs and competitions have the standing rule those 2 hooks per rig and no more. Disqualification will be the order of the day if you are found using more than 2 hooks. Granted!! The reasons for this LAW are twofold. Firstly it will be unfair to use more hooks than your competitor. Secondly we don’t want to maim the fish!

If everyone used one hook we would all be on the same playing field and we stand little to no risk of maiming the fish, and finally we minimize the risk of snagging on structure under the water as there is only one hook and that is in the fish’s mouth.

It is thinking like this that will transform you from a fisherman into a GREAT FISHERMAN.

I will be posting more articles covering the broad spectrum of CARP CARE “FISH CARE”.

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