Fishing Accessories – what do you need?


  1. Bucket’s for water and mixing are a must have for today’s Angler. The water bucket is there to rinse hands and also to use water for the mixing of your meilie Bomb. The 2nd Bucket is for your Bomb. Try and get Buckets with lids this will prevent the Meilie bomb from drying up. For years most of the guys fished with normal Plastic buckets but now days you get Stainless steel Buckets. They are easier to clean and look great.
  2. Bucket Stands can be purchased as a lose item or if you have purchased a A-frame Stand or Tripod stand you might already have the bucket rings attached. There is not much else I can say about the buckets and style that you should go for in this case. I will leave the choice up to you.
  3. A must have is a Towel. Some bucket stands and Box stands have a Towel rail already fitted. If not you could simply get yourself a Golfing towel with the ring clip on it. Keep it close to dry hands or to wipe them clean when baiting up. If you don’t have a lid on the Bucket then you can use the towel to cover it. Wet the towel and place it over the bucket to keep your feed from drying up.
  4. Skep net / Landing net is very important. On the Market today you can get a wide range of Nets. The finer mesh nets are better as opposed to the out dated Large Diamond Mesh net. The landing net in essence is the first part of your gear that touches the fish. Remembering that the fish has a coat of Protective Slim on its body to Protect it from Parasites and infections. The fishes scales are also small so you don’t really want to bring harm to its Dermal layer. The use of a fine mesh net that is soft or coated in a soft plastic layer is a must. Coarse Nets with large holes can easily hook and damage the fishes scales. It is also Coarse and can take the Protective Layer off on the fish. Proper Fish care and good conservation of our Fish species is vital if we want to leave the sport of angling to our Children. So make the correct choice in your Skep Net / Landing net.
  5. Unhooking Mat . A unhooking mat is a must have for any angler.  Again this item is used as part of good angling etiquette and is used in full when Practicing good carp care/fish care.The last thing you want to do is place the fish on the bare soil. This will simply take the Protective Layer off the Fishes Dermal layer and now leave it open to attack from parasites and infection. Always keep the unhooking mat wet . Place the fish on this mat and do all the unhooking there. Keep a Bucket of water handy and make sure the Unhooking mat is wet. Keep the fish moist while doing the unhooking. Also use the water to wash the fish off and check for any Damaged scales or bleeding. If the fish has been Damaged then use a good Fish Care Medi Product on the open wound before releasing the fish. Remember to Support Catch and Release. So do the unhooking quickly, Take a Photo and release the fish as fast as possible. Please and Thank you.
  6. Fish care medi kit. Get one! If at any time you see the fish has had a scale pulled or is bleeding from the hook apply the Medication as instructed on the packaging before releasing it back to the dam. The Medication will protect the open wound from infection long enough for the fish to Produce its Protective slim layer again. Think of the slim layer as the fishes immune system.

So if you have been following our series, you should be set up with the right gear for the Job at hand. Let us have a quick revue on what you need:

  1. Reels
  2. Rods
  3. Rod rests or
  4. Fishing box stand
  5. Fishing box
  6. Skep Net/Landing Net
  7. Unhooking mat
  8. Fish care medic Kit

Over the years Technology has improved by leaps and bounds when it comes to Tackle. With Many Manufacturers making all sorts of end tackle, It is impossible for me to make mention of them all. Experience from buying the wrong Product is common place but one becomes schooled in what to look for eventually.
If you follow the guidelines we have set out in this Book those mistakes can be cut short and a lot of Money can be saved.


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