Lead Core Building Basics

Lead Core

Lead Core or Heavy Core (Non-Lead) is effectively Lead or a heavy core string covered with a braided sheath around it. Almost like Soldering wire. Non-Lead is used due to lead poisoning in the water. Lead Core or Heavy Core can be purchased in different colours and weave patterns. This is to mimic the ground colour or for a better word to Camouflage the line under the water and make it blend into the bottom of the dam. Now you will need to learn how to SPLICE Lead Core.
SPLICING Lead Core is not easy and you will need to practise. We will Show you step by step how to SPLICE. In essence splicing is creating a loop onto the both ends of the Lead Core. These LOOPS will be used to tie your Main line onto and the Lead Clip on the other end.

What do you need?

We need a Braid Scissor, Heavy Core and a Splicing Needle.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1:

Pull around Half a meter of Core off the spool and cut it with the Braid Scissor. Take note that for this demonstration we are using only Half a meter. Personally I use around 1m in length for my Lead Core.  Fold the Peace ,Then wrap it around your finger 3 times creating a coil. This will ensure that the Lead Core does not pull back on the other end when we start with the next step.

Step 2:

Now pull the outer coating of Braid away exposing the Lead underneath. Roughly around 80mm. Then cut the Lead and slid the braid forward again over the cut end.


Step 3:

The braid will now be supple and bend of flex much easier where there is no Lead inside. Fold the Braid over into a loop right where the Lead is still inside.

Step 4:

Then slip the sharp point of your Splicing Needle through the wall of the Braid. Turn the Point of the Splicing needle into the centre tube of the Braid and push the braid up onto the Needle.

Step 5:

Let the point of the Needle then Break through the braid once it is around a 3rd of the distance and push it out.

Step: 6

Fold the end of the Braid over and let it hook onto the clasp of the Splicing Needle. Pull the Splicing needle out so that it now Pulls the End of the Braided Core through itself.


At this Stage we just make sure that the end of the Braid just slips inside its core to make it nice and neat.

Step 7:

Now if you want to make sure that it doesn’t pull out you can Place a drop of SUPER GLUE onto the spot where the end of the Braid is sitting inside the Core. This will hold it tight. It is not necessary to do this if you have enough pulled through. As it is designed to Pull the Core Tighter over itself as you apply tension. The more Tension the Tighter it will hold.

Right now do the other end and you should have a Decent Lead Core with two loops on each end. Make sure not to make the loops to big or too small. Practice makes perfect.

Step 8:

Right now we select the Lead Clip. And pull the Lead Core through it. Attach the Swivel clip by pushing the loop of the Lead Core Through the Ring on the swivel. The open the Loop and pull the Swivel through it. And pull tight.

You now pull the Lead core with the attached swivel clip into the Lead Clip till it clips in. Replace the Safety clip into the Lead Clip. Attach your Lead and Pull the Lead Rubber over to secure the Lead.


There you Have a very reliable Lead Core, Spliced with a Lead Clip and Swivel Clip to attach your Hair Rig to.


Select the Hair Rig of your choice and clip it onto the Swivel Clip. Slide the Anti-Tangle Rubber over the Swivel Clip right up against the Lead Clip.
Lead Core Rig Complete with Lead Clip and Hair Rig.


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