Detector Rentals

We offer the following services regarding detector rentals:

  • Rental with a consultant on site – A consultant will come to your site and conduct the search for you. Fees will include, travel time and mileage as well as our standard hourly rate for the search.
  • Rental of unit without consultant on site – A deposit is required to rent the unit at a daily rate, we will instruct you as to how to use the unit and once you have completed your search the unit is returned to us. Once we have inspected the unit and we are sure that it is not damaged in any way we return your deposit.

Please note that we do not guarantee that the search will be successful, we do our best to locate the items, however a metal detection search involves many aspects and often our clients are going on a hunch or their last memory of where the item is located. The more information you have regarding the last location the better your chances of recovery.

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