Rod stands – to have or not to have

Rod Stands

A Rod Stand is a very personal subject.

On a serious note though when choosing a Stand look for light weight but sturdy. Also check if it has a soft rubber grip that your rod can rest on. This will not only protect your rod from scratches and chips but also help to grip the rod. Just In case you forgot to undo the drag and a big old lump of Jozi Gold decides to swim off with your rod in tow. Authors Note: (hangs head in shame and Remembers that moment well).Memories like this are priceless. For everything lost in the ordeal there is MASTERCARD. Funny thing that Insurance companies refused to process a claim of theft by fish!

One can either buy the single rod pegs or a fishing box stand or a Pod which is used more in Specimen fishing now days. Whatever your choice Making sure your rod is secured and protected from nicks and scratches is key. Another good reason is static electricity! Ladies and Gents it is a real threat and deadly especially with the Carbon rods. The rod is highly conductive and has been known to store static charge. So if you have a rubber insulator between the ground and your rod then the chances of it picking up and storing Static is greatly reduced. Be cautious out there.

Safety Tip: when approaching your rod after a electric Storm, Place your hand on the padded Grip at the back of the Rod. Be careful not to touch the carbon section of the rod or the metal frame the rod is resting on. Push down and Lift the front end up and off the rod stand and then let it drop till the rods tip touches the ground. By doing this you will ensure to discharge any stored static into the ground and not through you. The best would be to place the rod flat on the ground as the storm is approaching. Do not stand the rod up into the air against a tree or tent!


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