Spod Feeder Method

Prepare the feed in a bucket and then scoop it into the Spod. Pressing it down with your Thumb. Not to hard as you don’t want to compact it too much. Otherwise the feed won’t fall out when the Spod turns up side down in the water. Also not to softly otherwise the feed flies out the back of the Spod before it hits the water. Aim for the marker float and cast using the Technique that was explained in the Previous passage. You Might cast a little left and right of the Marker Float but you won’t go over that mark. Put in 10 Spods of feed or until you feel confident that you have enough feed on the spot.

Still keeping the Marker Float in the Water you will now Bait up the Rods. Each one has already been clipped in on the right Distance. Aim for the Marker in the water and Cast them in on the spot and place them on the Rod Holders. Remember to now clip the Line off the Line clip on the Spool. Otherwise a fish will pick up the bait and swim Off with the rod.

Practising this will only improve as you gain experience with the technique. Although this technique is used in Specimen Angling, many Conventional Anglers know the Benefit and necessity to creating a feeding spot and Casting on the same spot every time to catch more fish.

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