There’s no such thing as ‘Free’ money

There's no such thing as 'Free'

I’m sorry to break it to you – but there is no such thing as ‘Free’ when it comes to making money. Over the last few months, I have been watching a number of Facebook pages. These range from MLM marketing opportunities, to work from home opportunities and everything in between. Besides the normal run of the mill offers of overnight success promises, the once thing that shocked me the most was the promise of making money for ‘Free’.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a fallacy, there is no such thing as a free lunch or a free opportunity. At one stage or another, you will have to fork out some money to make the business grow. If it’s not physical money then definitely your time and sanity. There is no opportunity on this planet that does not require some sort of sacrifice. 

I am shocked that firstly people could make such offers and claim that the opportunity is completely free. On the other hand, I am even more shocked that people believe it. It seems the majority of interested individuals who want to make money online want it to be a magic wand. They want to join for free, they never want to have to put in any effort, and the money just magically falls into their laps just because they exist.

All opportunities have a cost​

Let’s explore this a little further. So there is an opportunity that is free to join, great – no money upfront. I like that because you get to see the inside (hopefully) before committing. 

So you join, then you find out that the business opportunity operates on the basis that you need to get other people to sign up. Right there the alarm bells should start ringing. If there is no product, then it means the only way to make money is to get other people to sing up. Which is exactly what you just did.

That sounds easy, right? Wrong!

How do you find these people? Well, you can start the normal friends and family and people I know route. When you run out of them, then what? Well, there is always Facebook you say. Right, there is, and there are millions of people on Facebook so it must be a matter of posting adverts.

The thing is, every other affiliate marketer is thinking in exactly the same way you are. Then they do exactly the same thing that you are doing. They are getting little success because the prospects are flooded by hundreds of offers a day. Don’t believe me, go have a look at any of the work from home groups. You will see what the posts are about and how often you see them.

So then what, well then you go onto the next step paid ads, solo ads, buying clicks, etc. Which if you are not careful can cost you hundreds of dollars and get you absolutely zero return. So what is my point in this rant? My point is that if you really commit to changing your life and your income, you have to realize that there is no such thing as completely ‘Free’. There will be a certain amount of time and money required to build and grow a business.

The real cost​

So my point is that you cannot grow a business from scratch with absolutely no investment. You will either need to put in money or at the very least, your time. When someone promises you millions overnight while you sleep and still tells you that its free to join. Smell a rat, and do your homework.

Many times you require other software or resources they never even mention. For example, signing up for an Autoresponder service. Initially, it’s free but eventually, you will be charged as you grow. Depending on which opportunity you look at you will probably need to build a funnel. If you’re a beginner, that definitely going to cost you. So there could be many hidden costs appearing after the initial ‘free’ part of joining a business. This causes most people to fall off the wagon before even getting on.

You need to be aware of these hidden costs when considering an opportunity. It is better to choose an opportunity that you might need to pay for upfront, but that includes everything. At least then you know exactly what you are paying for and what you are getting.

So don’t be afraid to ask what other tools are required to make money with the business. Be prepared to make the investment if you are really serious about making those life changes. You simply cannot make money online, or with an affiliate opportunity by investing absolutely nothing and putting in zero effort.

Remember the harder you work the luckier you get, and your efforts will pay off eventually.

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