Packaging Tips for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Running an ecommerce business is exciting and challenging. Selling your products is one part. The other part is the packaging, and it’s just as important as it’s a representation of your company. 

Since the product needs to be shipped, you need to make sure it gets to your customer in one piece and as they see it on your site. We’ve put together a few tips to help you package your product correctly.

Fragile Protection

Suppose you’re shipping fragile products, then it’s best to use a double layer of packaging. Wrap the item in bubble wrap to prevent chafing and to protect the item from damage during transit. Then place the product in a box. 

If necessary, add some packing peanuts to fill up the spaces, so the items don’t move around inside the container. Ultimately it would be best if you thought of the worst-case scenario when it comes to packing fragile goods. The package needs to withstand rough handling or even being dropped. 

Sustainable Design

To make packing products easier, use cardboard boxes that don’t require any glue to hold them together. This allows you to make the most of your storage space in your warehouse and also makes for quick packing. Furthermore, your customers can easily flatten and recycle the boxes.  

Reusable eCommerce Packaging

The trend towards eco-friendly packaging is growing. Try offering your products in reusable packaging such as material bags that customers can use after they receive their order. It is especially useful for products such as clothing or other soft goods that don’t require a lot of protection during transit. It’s a great way of strengthening your brand since people will see your company name every time they use the bag.

Correct Size

To save yourself money, make sure that you have various sizes of packaging to match your products. Often e-commerce retailers have one size box and use it for all their products. The result is items that don’t fit properly and get damaged or that bounce around in the box. 

It’s not only a bad presentation of your brand but it’s also wasteful. Make sure to use a box the right size, you don’t want to have to squeeze the item into the container. It should fit snuggly but without it being too tight or have too much room to move. 

If you’re on a budget, consider getting three sizes that closely match your most popular products. However, avoid a situation where you send an item such as a mug in a box meant for a small appliance and risk damage. 

Final Thoughts

The packaging is an important extension of your brand. It’s not just about keeping the product protected during transit, but it’s also the first impression you create with your customer on delivery. 

Don’t think of packaging as an extra unavoidable expense but rather as another opportunity to market your company. Make sure you pack the goods in the correct size box and wrap it with bubble wrap to prevent damage during transit.

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