Checking the distance

Place the Rod flat on the ground and Take 2x Bank Sticks. Pushing the bank sticks into the ground at the back and front of the rod , marking the lenght of the rod on the ground.

Now loosen the drag or engage the free run arm. Place the Lead/Sinker at the Base of the one bank stick. Run the line off by wrapping the Line Around the Bank Sticks in a Figure 8. Count every pass till the line reaches where it is clipped in on the Spool line Clip. Now you know the distance. Do not unclip the line just yet. Go stand on the same spot as you were when casting the marker in. Cast in and remember to hold the rod Up and back after the cast. Holding the rod with soft hands. As the Lead/Sinker peels line off and now reaches the Line Clip, it will knock up against the Line Clip and pull the rod forward. Allow the rod tip to follow and drop the tip down towards the ground. This will ensure that if you cast to hard that it will slow the Lead/Sinker down and it will land in the water exactly where it was before. Pull 1 ft of line off counting as you go and the float should pop up at 3,5 feet. Place the rod on the ground and leave it there for now.

Now you can take your Spod Rod and measure the same distance off on the Bank Sticks 13ft. Clip the line in on the Spool line clip. Do the same with the rods you will be actually fishing with and clip them in as well. Now all the rods are clipped in on the same distance. This will ensure that you cast on the same spot every time.

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