Beginners Guide to Fishing

20 years fishing experience and still I do not know everything there is to know about fresh water Angling. What I have learned and forgotten, most still need to learn, and this is why I have decided to write this guide.

More often than not while sitting next to a Dam you will see your novice angler hard at work. Watching them busy themselves with rods and reels, mixing baits and preparing the Meilie Bomb. Loading rigs and baiting hooks and then finally the Cast. At this point you cannot help but notice the SIZE of that BOMB! OMG it is the size of Hayley’s Comet! Adorned in a vast variety of colours , Dripping Ball dip all over the place! You get hit full in the face with a smell of Almond and a hint of what one can only describe as HOSPITAL ANTISEPTIC. And the SIZE of the HOOKS! Holly molly is this guy going after Nessie aka “The Loch Nes Monster”?

At this point I usually turn to get a better look at the action and shift uneasily in my chair as I become aware that I might have to duck or dive for cover if this goes horribly wrong. Either it is going to be Epic or a Hilarious failure.

The Angler readies himself, Rod in hand and takes up the Casting stance. The aiming and aligning ritual that takes place reminds me of the mating dance of some exotic rain forest Bird. Just as you thought he is ready to cast he breaks into a 2 step ,een twee drie, een twee drie that resembles         ” The Nut Cracker Ballet duet”. The anticipation for the cast at this point is nail biting to say the least. and...........SNAP!  Oh for F@#&$@# comes the cry, Followed by a whole string of colourful descriptive words that will make any sailor blush.

He reels back in and starts all over again. This ritual is repeated till the angler either gets in a semi ok cast or the frustration gets the better of him and he is finally contempt with a average cast as long as the bait is in the water. Direction not being taken into account. These scenes are played out weekend after weekend normally accompanied with a couple of cold beers in case the fish don’t bite!

My aim in this guide is to school even the virgin angler. We will cover every aspect of fishing from gear choice to rig building, best casting techniques, line choice, bait, targeting species, weather , water conditions and much more. 

Instructors:  Ela Bruce, James Bruce
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