Feed on conventional rigs

Feed on conventional rigs

Mielie Bomb or Feed has been used for many years already. Ready to be mixed with water at the dam and used straight away. The science behind Mielie Bomb is very simple actually. Creating a Fish feed that can be mixed quickly, with the right consistency to bind. Pressing this mixture around the Lead/Sinker in a Ball shape and casting it in. The feed will start to break up in the water creating a feeding spot for the fish. The baited hooks Lay very close to this feed. Now most anglers do not know how to make this feed to the right consistency. Practice makes perfect and it is something that you will have to get right by trial and error.  Most Manufacturers have Mixing instructions on the Packaging as a guideline.

Firstly you need to know that smaller is better when it comes to the size of the Bomb on the rig. If you make the Bomb too big you lose distance and accuracy on the cast. Depending on the Rod you have, a bigger bomb will add too much weight and the rod will not perform like it should on the cast. With wind blowing and the larger surface area of the bomb the wind will blow it off course. No angler can create a feeding spot when you are casting blind and all over the place. With a smaller Bomb you will be way more accurate in terms of direction and distance. You will also have less Line fails on the cast. With a heavy Bomb you place way more strain on the Line in the cast due to the weight. You might even snap the tip of your rod if it is not able to handle the weight.

The correct size is around a large Egg or Golf ball size. Try and make it as round as possible. This will help with the aerodynamics keeping the Bombs flight straight and it also creates lift so that it stays up in the air longer.

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