Fishing box and stand

Fishing box and stand

There are some Great Products on the market now days. Aluminium stands that are light weight and pack up rather small and flat to save space. Tripod Box Stands, A frame box stands. It is really up to you. I built a Stand and Box myself and over the years chopped and changed it as the technology got better. Again this is a very Personal item to most anglers and they become rather attached to a certain style or set up. Things to remember when looking for a Fishing Box, check the type of wood it is made from. Press wood is not a very good option. What you would like is a solid wood or Marine Ply. Some manufacturers make them from cherry tree wood, Bamboo and even Teak. The wood should be treatable and not susceptible to water penetration. Boxes come in various designs from single level to double level with 1 draw or 2 draws or 3 draws. G2 industries manufacture some of the nicest fishing boxes on the market and are willing to personalise layouts to the clients specifications or requirements.

Whatever box you go with here is a fantastic tip. Purchase a roll of weather seal. You can get this in various thicknesses and width. Measure the top rim of your box where the lid and box come together. Get a Weather seal in the closest width and stick it all the way round on all four edges. This should seal your box and stop any water from getting inside. Depending on how often you go fishing you might want to reseal your box with a good varnish every year. Take the time to sand it down properly. Then buy a decent varnish and give it at least three coats. I use a Marine Varnish on a Pine Box and it has stood the test of time ,17 years now.

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