Knot Tying Basics



Attaching your Backing line to the reel spool has always been one of those knots most do not know. The best knot for this is the Cantauri knot. It is better to put line onto your spool under some moderate Pressure. Just enough tension so the rod loads just a bit. Loading the rod means the tip should bend slightly. This is to make sure that when you fight a fish or cast out that the line is not loosely packed on the Spool. This could cause the line to pull into the lose line on the spool and actually jam on the cast.

The first knot you would need to learn is one of my favorite knot’s used when tying your Leader line to your main line. This is also a great knot to use when joining Monofilament line to Braid line.

First create a loop with the thicker line. In your case it would be the 18lbs Leader line. Then slip your Main Line through the loop as shown.

Now loop around the 2 straight ends of the Leader Line 6 times. Then take the lose end and feed it back through the loop of the Leader line in the same direction as it came through originally. Hold Both leader lines Parallel  together in on hand and both main line ends parallel with the other hand and pull them away from each other.

Now cut the two lose ends off as close as you can to the knot but leave around 3mm to 4mm.

The 2nd knot I would like to show you is used most of the time to tie line onto swivels and hooks.  The third Knot is only used to tie Hooks for the most part when using Braided line. All these knots are slip knots. The more you pull on the line the tighter the knot becomes.


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