Reels – Care and Maintenance

Make sure to purchase a Padded reel bag. These reel bags are padded and come with padded Divisions. These divisions will protect the reels from knocking up against each other inside. You can purchase or get the wife to make individual Reel bags with a draw string, out of a thick material. Canvas is one such material and it is waterproof. Maintenance of the reels is just as important. When the reel starts to feel rough, sticky and does not want to spin freely anymore it is time to service them. You can purchase reel oil from your local Fishing shop.

Take care when opening the reel to oil it. There are small Springs and clips inside that might jump out of place. Be sure to only oil the Spiral gear and working parts. If you oil the drag system you will no longer have drag lol. Some reels require a Grease so make sure first by checking Manufacturers’ instructions on oil or grease to be used.

One of the most common failures on a real is a Bent Shaft. This happens when a cheap reel has caught a Big fish. The shaft bends when the spool moves forward and backwards as you reel in the fish. If the tension is to tight and you use a very thick line.  Remember leverage? The use of a long pole to pick up something heavy by using leverage? Well this is the reverse of that. You are using gears to make heavy work light. If the shaft is not thick enough and you place it under pressure then it will bend. So be careful with this.

Make sure that when you store the reels in the Bag that the Drags are loose! This will ensure that the Drag lasts longer as you don’t have it under pressure all the time.
When at the water keep the reel off the ground. Do not allow the reel to lay in sand this will get inside and possibly go onto the Spiral shaft gear. Most reels have a Brass or copper spiral shaft gear. Sand will destroy that gear in no time. If the reel gets wet, dunked into the water etc make sure you service it often. Moisture can cause moving parts to rust.

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