Reels – what you need

There are Hundreds of Rods and Reels on the Market today. Price ranges from Cheap to Hi end ,”break the Bank kind of stuff”. You do not need to go out and spend a fortune on gear to get started. With that said I must also warn you that buying cheap, in the end will be costly. Purchasing a Cheap reel with Plastic gears is not going to be a good idea as you will go fishing 6 times and then it starts to grind gears.  Pick up one good fish and you could lose it due to the gears stripping. Which could cause you to strip your M@#$ and break the rod. Now we do not want that to happen do we?

So when looking at Reels and Rods my advice is to stay away from the Combo rod and reel deal that you see at your local tackle shop for R199.00! Rather look at the reels on display and set yourself a Price. Take a look at bait runner reels as I believe they are the best for Carp fishing. You can get a fairly decent reel for around R400 each. Make sure you look after your reels and buy a Padded Reel bag. Make sure not to leave the reel laying in the sand on the ground. If the fine sand gets into the reel it will chew up the Brass screw gears in no time. Also make sure to service your reels. This will help to keep them in good working order.

Aqualla Manufacture some very good Reels at affordable Prices and they are just as good if not better than Big Brand Names. Not that I’m saying Brands Like Shimano are not good. It is all about what your Pocket can afford. I would love to Fish with Shimano Reels but to be honest they are simply out of my cash Range. Some People Place value to certain items. I cannot see myself Paying over R1000 for a Reel unless it can Make me Coffee at 6am.

On most reels you will see a ratio and Line carrying capacity printed on the box and sometimes on the side of the spool. This should give you a good idea of what line thickness and distance the spool can carry. If you are planning to catch carp (conventional Angling aka Papgooi) then no more than a 10lbs main line is used. I personally only use 9lbs, Double X Brown Cameleon Line monofilament. Now the spool might be able to hold 450 meters of  10lbs , 0.26 thickness line. You Sir/ Madam cannot cast that far no matter how much Brandy you have had to Drink! So take one spool 10lbs line, let’s say 600 meters and one spool 20lbs line for backing.

Backing line is what you will start putting on your reel spool. Fill the spool to around half way and then tie your 10lbs main line to it and fill to the rim. The idea is to have around 200 meters of 10lbs line on so when it wears and you need to put fresh line on you don’t need to  strip off and replace 450 meters. You only take the 200 meters off up to your backing line and then attach the new 10lbs line and reel it on.

Once you have your main line on then you attach your leader. Leader line is only twice the length of your rod. Leader will be used to take the power of the cast. In layman’s terms Leader line is higher in strength to your main Line. So a Main line being 10lbs and your leader is 18lbs. We will spend more time on this subject later on in the Guide.

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