Rods – what to look for when buying

When shopping for a rod take your time. Again steer away from the Combo deals. A combo deal are normally those bright Dayglow Orange and Green Rods with Flames on the Handle. A dead giveaway is the attached Reel that looks more plastic than a tupperware party. Don’t go there is my advice. If you are looking for something for the Kids then yes go for the cheap combo deal. Kids are rough on gear at the water so if they Break a R199 combo it won’t Burn as much as breaking a R500 rod reel combo.
Brand names are always a good place to look.

Mitchell make a very nice entry level range of rods that are Priced well. I started off with Mitchell Master Caster 12ft rods.
Sensation also make some great Products for Carp fishing. The entry level range is called Fun Tackle. I have Picked up some Great Fun Tackle 10ft rods in the Past. I purchased 2x 10ft Carp Rage Rods and fell in love the them. When I decided to get myself another two they no longer manufactured this Rod. I however after that found another Fun Tackle Rod “Blaster” that was Made from the Same Blank as the Carp Rage. I found that it had the exact same action. So from then on I have always kept my eye on the Fun Tackle Range. You should do the same!

Personally I have 2x Sensation ThunderBolts 10ft and 2x Sensation Bazooka’s MK1 12ft.
Aquala is rather new to the industry but they do make nice reels and have one or two fairly good rods on the market. I use the Aqualla 6000 reels bait Runners and then also Genesis LTE 5000 reels on my 10ft Rods.

Although the Industry chops and changes I’m sure that some other Manufacturer will produce some great entry level rods soon.


If you have the cash and can afford the Gear then spend it wisely. Get yourself Long and short (9ft or 10ft short distance rods and 12ft or 13ft for long distance) distance rods with reels to match. There isn’t quite anything as stunning as a good looking rod reel combination. If you do get some nice gear make sure you have a little cash left for a Rod bag. Protecting your Gear is very Important. With the Carbon Rods of today a silly nick on the rod could cause it to snap. So make sure you look after them. Storing them in a Padded rod bag is key.

How to Select a rod:

  • Slow action rods –  The rod Bends almost completely through the whole length of the Rod. If you are a serious Angler I would not recommend these as you won’t reach any great distances in the cast. A slow Action rod is nice to have when fishing fast moving waters like a river, Where you have no need to cast far. The rod will be very forgiving when a Playing a fish in fast moving water. I would use only when River fishing or fast moving water conditions.
  • Medium action rods – Medium action Rods are a better choice when Carp Angling. You are able to reach better distances but the Rod is still forgiving when playing a Larger Fish. Remember that the Rod is designed to Bend and together with the Stretch in the line help to keep tension on the line. These Rods typically Bend around Half way over the whole Length of the Rod. Primarily are being used By Specimen Anglers who do not need distance but require a Rod that is Forgiving when fighting large specimens.
  • Fast action rods – Fast Action Rods are used for Distance Casting and are less Flexible. Only the first quarter of the Rod bends. Being less forgiving when playing a fish you will need to learn to hold the rod with soft hands when fighting a fish. These rods are used by competitive Anglers in Order to achieve greater distances. are used more for Carp Angler doing Conventional Angling.

The following can be used as guidelines when choosing the length of your rods:

  • Your height = 1,6m – 1,7m: Rod length = 10 foot – 12 foot
  • Your height = 1,7m – 1,8m: Rod length = 12 foot
  • Your height = 1,8m or taller: Rod length = 12 or 13 foot

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