Tempo Fishing

Tempo Fishing

Tempo Fishing is a term used in conventional angling. The Term refers to the time between re-baiting. I am sure you have heard the Saying “You must work for your Fish”? Well this is exactly what Tempo Angling is all about. Often you don’t have time to create a feeding spot and want to just get the rods in the water. One still needs to Create a feeding spot in order to attract fish into the swim. So you will now Apply Tempo Angling in order to achieve this while still standing a chance of actually catching a fish. Simply put you must Time between re-baiting. Give yourself 10 to 15 min between Baiting up.

It is vital that you create the feeding spot if you are going to be fishing the whole day. Doing this as early as possible is a good idea. Fish feed in general early morning and late afternoon. For the most part the bite rate drops from around 10H30 am till around 15H00 pm. So getting a early start to the day is Important.
Some anglers purchase 2x Digital Stop Watches. One for each rod. As soon as he casts his line in he will set a timer for 15 min. When the timer runs out he will reel in and re-Bait. This is true Tempo Angling at its best.

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