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Preparing your gear according to the Information you have managed to accumulate is key. So here we have a few things that we must know. What line will be best to use! Well this is a good question and one that is very important but one which is also very much up to the angler and his style of fishing or personal preferences. Some Bass anglers prefer to use Braided line on their reels as opposed to Monofilaments. Braided Line is much thinner and stronger and much more supple than Monofilaments. Specimen Anglers also Prefer to use Braided line.

What are the differences between Braid and Monofilaments you may ask? I will do my best to try and explain. Look at the graph below and take note of the Poundage strength between Mono and Braid and then look at the differences in thickness of the line. This comparison has been done with a SUFIX range of mono and braid products and is only a guide. Other Manufacturers Products may differ in Lbs and thickness.

lbs / Kg BRAID φ MONO φ
5 lbs / 2.26 Kg 0.05 0.18
10 lbs / 4.53 Kg 0.07 0.25
15 lbs / 6.80 Kg 0.1 0.31
20 lbs / 9.07 Kg 0.15 0.36

So what you can see is that Braid is much thinner. Now there are a few benefits to braid. Firstly it has virtually no Stretch. With it being thinner there is almost no resistance in the water and you are able to cast much further as there is virtually no resistance on the guides/eyes of the rod. With it being so thin it cuts almost like a knife through soft structure. ie like water lilies ,water grass and even reeds. This is particularly beneficial to Bass and Specimen Anglers as most of the time these two groups of anglers target their individual species close to Structure.

Now when coming back to Mono line and bearing in mind that most conventional Anglers/papgooi hengelars use mono line of around 0.18 to 0.21 in thickness and can cast around 80m to 120m on average. Switching to Braided line of the same lbs, let’s say 5lbs mono with a 0.18φ to a braided line with a 0.05φ we can now get at least 20m to 30m more distance on a cast! This 20m to 30m can mean the difference between catching and not catching. Or catching better quality carp in terms of size compared to the other anglers on the bank. This is especially handy when fishing in a Club Competition as it could just mean the difference between 7th place or 1st overall.

Now for the Bad news! Braided line is 3 to 4 times more expensive than mono line. Some Anglers will argue that braid lasts longer but I’m not so sure about that. We still have to take into consideration that failures do occur no matter what precautions we have taken. The term “Braid carnage” is a reference to when things go wrong with a reel and Braided line. Specimen anglers at Specimen dams often lose fish. For the most part due to their line getting tangled in Braided line which has been discarded due to a snag or a line failure. The Clumsy angler who lost the line never made any effort to retrieve it. Trying to un-knot a tangled Braided line is like trying to eat a chicken broth with a Fork! It is not going to Happen! Trust me on this one as I have been there and Done that, Have the T-Shirt and the Cap.

There are some other benefits to using braided line as a leader on conventional angling. This can be done especially when you are at a venue where Crab’s love to cut line. Braid is tough as nails and crabs almost never manage to cut it. With mono line a crab can snip through it a lot easier. The biggest problem is that if the crab doesn’t manage to cut the mono he sure as hell has weakened the line. So make sure to check your Leader line when you reel in as on the next cast you could snap the line and lose the rig or worse, have a fish pick up the bait and as you strike to set the hook it breaks where the crab pinched the line.

Be WARNED! When Using Braid as a Leader You will have to make sure that you either use a Casting Finger glove or That the reels Drag is Fully tightened! Remember earlier , we mentioned Braid cuts like a knife Through soft structure? Well my Friend your Finger is Soft Structure believe you me. Braid that runs due to a loose drag cuts to the bone!

Casting Finger Glove.
Most tackle shops will stock Casting Finger Gloves.

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